• Yes, condoms should be free and accessible.

    Yes, in order to curb the rise of STDs, condoms should be free. However, policy makers should not give priority to the price of condoms but to their accessibility. In other words, that every person has access to safe contraception should come before the pricing of condoms. Law makers must consider the rise of STDs a public health threat and ensure that all persons who engage in sexual intercourse have uninhibited access to protection. From this point of view, condoms must be free.

  • Yes, people would use them more often.

    Free condoms is a good idea because more people would use them. Make them free and widely available and it would drastically reduce the amount and severity of diseases that are currently being transmitted. Better a free rubber than have expensive medical care for warts, sores, or whatever else may pop up.

  • Yes, condoms should be free to help prevent the rise of STDs.

    Providing condoms for free will help prevent the spread of STDs. Easy, affordable access to condoms can greatly reduce the spread of STDs. Many people will continue taking risks, but with easier access to prevention methods, we can at least slow the rise of STDs in all of the age groups.

  • Yes, condoms should be free to the public in order to quell the rise of STDS.

    I believe Condoms should be free in Canada, which will help stop the spread of STDS. People will be more likely to use protection if it is free and easily available. The cost of providing free contraceptives will far outweigh the medical costs of treating an STD epidemic. It is important the the public have easy access to affordable or free tools to help their sexual health. The government cannot stop people from having intercourse but they can help stop the spread of disease.

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