• Discounts are always good.

    Just like the summer Whopper sale is a boon to Burger King, the Steam Sale is helpful to the video game market. The summer sale gives people a chance to jump on a deal. Otherwise, they might not act to buy a game they wouldn't otherwise buy, just because it is on sale.

  • Yes it is helpful.

    Video games are always helpful in the market. The income that these games generate are amazing. It brings about a lot of money. Kids these days are so involved in video games they can't think about a world without video games. It is a source of entertainment but definitely it a bread winner for many.

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    The Steam Sale is always a wondrous event, that many video game fans spend half the year waiting for, hoping to grab a bargain on that game they've been desperate to play. However, these events do not just help poor video game fans, they also help the game companies too, especially the smaller indie companies. People buy their games cheap, and spread the word of how great they are and open the game to a wider audience it may not have found at full price. Perhaps these big discount sales do not help the big companies, but the indie game scene is where the money should be going anyway.

  • Steam sales provide great advertising and repeated custom.

    A Steam sale provides the purchaser access to discounts which can greatly increase the likelihood of a product sale. In conjunction the customer is likely to return to where they feel they achieved good value for money and regularly browse, if not purchase more products in the future. This seems of mutual benefit to the customer and the sale of video games, which must rely on sites such as this providing inspiration on what the next game to purchase could be with the use of a discount the final persuasion of a sale that may not have been acheived otherwise.

  • People go broke.

    Lots of people buy too much games and they go broke. It will not help anyone in the finance area because they spend too much money and loose it all to gaben. No the steam sales are not helping anyone these days a a a a a a a a.

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