Stem cell research: Should stem cell research be permitted?

  • Medical Miracles Await

    Stem cell research could provide a cure for one of any number of terrible diseases which have not yet been cured. It can also provide information on organ harvesting and replacement and other possible projects that would be miraculous benefits to sick people. We should embrace the technology and let the research go forward.

  • Stem cell research should be allowed.

    Stem cell research should be allowed because it allows the medical field to advance more. We could find cures and better treatments for various problems and save more lives with it. Stem cells are frozen in labs and aren't the same as babies. We should allow doctors and scientists to try to save lives.

  • It can save lives

    Stem cells can be used to make almost any type of specialized cell in the human body, recent research has shown that it is possible to make human organs using this technology. Imagine if at some point in the near future we could be able to make any organ we wanted using stem cell research.

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