STEM jobs: Are women discouraged from entering the field of computer science?

  • Yes they are

    Women are discouraged from entering the field of computer science due to the nearly all male field and the lack of opportunities that women are given. They have to work a lot harder to get to the same place as men do and earn a lot less. Trying to return after children is also made hard

  • No support in conservative communities.

    I was from a very conservative community and attended a private school. The support, or lack of it, that was given for women to pursue any kind of career in math or science was extremely discouraging. Women were supposed to get married and support their husbands, who would have the STEM careers. It is a sad way to treat our women.

  • No they are not.

    In this day and age, women are not only getting equal opportunity for university enrollment, but preferential treatment due to "positive discrimination" affirmative action laws. Women make up the majority of the university population in the U.S. so they are definitely not discouraged in any way. The reality of the issue is that when women are in college, they tend to pursue fields such as English, Psychology, and other liberal arts as opposed to men gravitating towards math and science fields. These are individual choices, not systematic oppression of women.

  • No, women are not discouraged from computer science occupations.

    No, women are not being discouraged from entering the field of computer science. If anything, in recent years, a great effort has been made to encourage women to join any of the STEM occupations. It may sound silly, but strong female characters who are computer proficient have been prominent in television over the last decade. There are also many incentives in universities for any minority hoping to pursue STEM careers. They could probably use a bit more advertisement so that people know their benefits, but they are out there, and many people are taking advantage of them.

  • women and computer science

    No I do not think that women are discouraged from entering the field of computer science. There are many more jobs that I think that women may seem to be discouraged from entering such as hard laboring jobs like construction. Women are as smart and equal to men in the field of computer science.

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