Sterling's racist comments: Do you believe that Donald Sterling should be forced to sell the Clippers?

  • The protests would continue

    The Clippers players while this controversy was going on were protesting, so if they didn't force Sterling to sell than the protesting would still be happening. If the players refuse to give their all to play for an owner who they do not like such as Sterling, it would end up in fixed games and exactly what you do not want.

  • The Clippers are doomed if not.

    The Clippers started losing all of their sponsors after his racist comments got out. So if they didn't kick him out, the Clippers would have no money then on out. Kicking him out was definitely the right thing to do. No one should have to participate on a team or go against a team with a racist owner.

  • He did not make the remarks live

    To be honest, I have not really been following this whole "Donald Sterling" trending topic, but from what I have heard, he made the remarks as unaware he was being recorded. Personally, i do not think he should have been banned from the NBA for life, let alone having to sell the Clippers.

  • What he said was wrong

    It was such a wrong thing to do, and I hate him for it. But it was a private conversation that was illegally recorded. I believe he should be banned for a lifetime and fined the maximum. What he said was despicable. But forcing him would raise a bunch of issues, now that's it's publicized. If he were forced, it would sell at a MUCH lower price, as prospective owners will know he has a deadline. Ban him, fine him, let other people manage the team, but he still gets to keep it.

  • Its his company

    Your telling me that because he said the word n**ger that he should be forced to sell his team? No! Is it wrong yes but its also wrong to make him sell his team I mean we do have freedom of speech and we have to go with it the good and the bad.

  • No, Morality is not the solution

    Donald Sterling issue was a moral one, I did not think that it should affect his ownership of the team or not. You cannot change people's opinions even if they seem naive. It is his team, he began it from the beginning. You are basically stealing from him and he will win in court, not for his moral rights but for his constitutional. People forget that this world is not perfect and it has laws.

  • 100% def not

    Don't agree with what he did. I do agree with the NBAs decisions mostly. But at the end of the day someone should NEVER be able to get fired from an ownership over a private recorded conversation with someone you trust. Esp when it COULD have truly been a lot worse. It was bad yes but it's not like his gf was white and he was on there saying "MY GOAL IS TO HIRE THIS N**ERS SO I CAN PAY THEM NEXT TO NOTHING TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY ARE WORTH". He just was getting envious at the end of the day of who his g/f was talking to. He still is a racist, but forced to sell the team over THIS?

  • Forcing him to sell would be theft.

    Sterling is obviously racist. Not that that is worse than other evils we as a society decide to let go due to society's self serving hypocrisy. But yes, he is an evil racist. But forcing him to sell by sending people wielding guns and weapons to his house or bank is armed robbery. Armed theft is not justified because the person you are stealing from has some unsavory views.

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