Steubenville football coach renewed for two more years on school board: Should he have been?

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  • Reno Saccoccia should not be coaching.

    This man put sports above the well-being of a young rape victim. He blamed her for the crime perpetrated against her, and claimed she "made it up" despite all the evidence to the contrary. He chose to protect rapists rather than seek justice. A coach should be a role model for those he coaches, instead he is a rape apologist and an accessory to a heinous crime.

  • Absolutely not no way no how!!!

    No way should he have been renewed for two more years with the school board. He knew about a heinous crime against a student by students who he had an interest in keeping out of trouble. And he did nothing to report it. It is hard to say if he would do this again but it is morally wrong for him to continue on the school board.

  • No the Stubenville football coach's contract should not have been reviewed by the school board.

    The Stubenville Ohio school board sent the wrong message by renewing the contract of the Stubenville High School football coach. They have a made it clear that there is no accountability for illegal and immoral acts by the staff of the football team. They have in fact rewarded someone who tried to hide a felony crime and threatened physical harm to a member of the national news media reporting the facts of the case.

    It's a sad day for the people of Stubenville when their elected leaders support the actions of this coach. Do the people of the city actually consider football that important?

  • This is an absolute travesty.

    This is a sad, sad sign about how we treat rape victims and how we overvalue athletes. How can we possibly justify renewing this person after everything that has happened? This society needs to take a serious look at how we view athletes and question why we value them and let them get away with so much. They are no better than anyone else - in fact, they keep proving themselves to be worse. Athletics is no bastion of morality. It's disgusting.

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