Steve Bannon Named Trump's Chief Strategist: Is His History at Breitbart a Sign He's Too Racist for the Job?

  • Trump needs to avoid the White Nationlist Party

    When the election results were announced some voters were aghast that a campaign run on hatred and bigotry could win. Many voters voted for Trump because of these reasons, but many others voted for a myriad of other social, economic, or political issues. In my opinion, in order for Trump to be an effective president he needs to ally fears that his reign won't be one filled with bigotry and hate. Steve Bannon only fuels those worries.

  • I cannot believe this happened.

    I'm shocked that Trump has continued to keep Bannon close even after he won the election. I do wonder if Bannon's post is only for the transition period or if such a racist person is going to actually have a seat in the White House. I read Breitbart to see what the other side is thinking and Bannon scares me.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Bannon is a smarter version of Trump: he’s an aggressive self-promoter who name-drops to heighten his profile. Many former employees of Breitbart News are afraid of Steve Bannon. He is a vindictive, nasty figure, infamous for verbally abusing supposed friends and threatening enemies. He will attempt to ruin anyone who impedes his unending ambition.

  • Bannon's merit and opinions should be judged by his actions, not his reputation

    As proven in the 2016 presidential election (as well as many previous elections), media sources have no difficulty portraying public figures incorrectly in order to favor a certain side. Bannon's attitude toward race should not be based off of media sources or his previous affiliation with Breitbart. His actions while in office will speak volumes and show his true opinions.

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