Steve Coburn apology: Was Coburn wrong to say call our cowards after the Belmont loss?

  • Agree Coburn Showed Poor Sportsmanship

    I think Steve Coburn's temper tantrum was a display of poor sportsmanship. Anyone that participates in the races and has the talent to run in the triple crown should be allowed to. I think Corburn is just afraid of his competitors. Corburn needs to stop acting like a child and appreciate the sport for what it is.

  • It was somewhat degrating.

    I do feel Steve Coburn was slightly in the wrong for saying "Call our cowards" after the Belmont loss. Even though it was a formal apology that he issued out, I find that remark to be slightly degrading and demeaning for the people he was calling out, which is never a positive thing.

  • Agree is wrong

    The reason it's wrong to agree with his opinion that it isn't fair running fresh horses are many. First, it's always been that way for centuries. It's why winning the triple crown is so tough. And it's why only 'great' horses win it. It should be tough, and it always has been. Why should the rules be changed now. If they were we'd have a triple crown winner every few years. Second, the Belmont is a stakes race unto itself. It's only part of the Triple Crown because it was made so. But it's a classic race that anyone should be able to enter regardless of what they've done in the past. It's always been that way.

  • No he was not wrong!

    I think that he was not wrong it was his opinion and he is entitled to it. If he feels they had a advantage by not running both races then that is how he feels. I think his emotions had taken over and he was expecting to win and out of disappointment he just let his feelings be known.

  • No, Coburn's argument was internally logical

    Coburn, in saying to that the triple crown system was a 'cowards way out,' was right; it is unfair to racers attempting to win all three races, and unfairly punishes them for attempting to. While his language may have been heated, the argument itself is supported by many in the industry.

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