Steve Wilkos's show (yes) or Jerry Springer (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • To much fighting in Springer

    Jerry Springer don't solve any problems. It just make them worse. It gets more people in on the argument. Steve Wilkos's helps the families solve the problems and come to a conclusion. They actual talk to problems out and not stand their and scream and fight and throw punches. I like Steve Wilkos's better.

  • Jerry Springer showcases trash

    Jerry Springer basically emphasizes sterotypical trailer trash women fighting eachother over a man, vice versa. Or a black woman who has 13 babies and 4 baby daddies. Whereas steve actually cares and tries to help people. Jerry Springer is trash entertainment like 98% of reality tv. E.G.Housewives of whatever, bad girls club, etc.

  • Redemption is possible in WIlko's show

    Much like "Bounty Hunters" with all the problems, though not all the time, Wilkos wants to bring redemption to those who have had drug problems, racism, hatred of tomboys and the autistic, a chance to change themselves and repent of their ways. Springer is just hopeless and depressing to watch, cause no one changes.

  • Jerry Springer has a better show than Steve Wilkos.

    Jerry Springer has a better show than Steve Wilkos. Springer was the original person to do these shocking shows on low brow channels on weekday mornings, and while Steve Wilkos runs a pretty good show, you cannot compare with the gritty and often perverse nature of the Jerry Spring show.

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