Steven Sotloff beheading: Should the United States declare war on ISIS?

  • We left too soon.

    Yes, the United States should declare war on ISIS, because ISIS wants to destroy us. They might not be bombing and flying planes into the United States today, but that is only because they do not have the capability. ISIS wants to kill every last one of us. All we can do is fight them off.

  • We should declare war on isis

    Everyday our people are beheaded there, if we dont act now with vengeance and justice.... There deaths will be in vain. Isis is the biggest terrorist group in history, and news flash, it can only get bigger, if we dont unit with other country like France etc Isis will get bigger and be more of a problem down the road, we should stop them now before there is a long term issue

  • Yes! We need to protect our citizens

    We have been a strong country since the founding fathers. Yes, our country has had it's ups and downs but we have been able to pull through and win. Our citizens in America are dying because of terrorist attacks. ISIS feels the need to destroy you and me but we have that capability to stop them. Our country is great and I know for a fact that we are not going to be brought down because of an organization. We are the boss and no one messes with our country. If ISIS wants to get their hands dirty, we'll be there to wipe them clean away for good.

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  • We need to go to war against ISIS.

    Why don't we just bomb the whole middle east then team up with Russia or China and eradicate the entire problem. We use atomic-bombs and then send in ground troops to fight the threat. Then we could kill the rest of them that are in other countries or throw them in prison.

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  • We need to go in with ground troops.

    Clearly, Airstrikes are not working. If the United States allows ISIS to get larger, we will make it more difficult to take them down. And if we wait to take them out, they will arrive at our doorstep killing US citizens and raping women and children. More people will die if we wait then if we mobilize our ground troops.

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  • It is YOUR safety and lives at risk

    If you don't think that we should go to war, you are wrong, people are killed every single day by these blood-thirsty, retarded children pigs. All they want is death. The United States will give them death when they want it. All they need to do is ask for it.

  • We should definitely go to war with isis.

    Isis has already conducted attacks in France, and in California. The only way these attacks will stop is if we make sure Isis can't make any more terrorist attacks. We have this giant military with 1,301,300 people in active duty right now and 811,000 people in reserves. Then our army has 8,848 main battle tanks, 41,064 armored fighting vehicles, 1,934 self propelled guns, and thats just for land forces. In the air we have 13,444 aircraft. Why not use them and stop Isis once and for all.

  • We tried starting a war on Al-Qaeda

    Look before you go emotionally and impulsively starting a war because somebody was beheaded, you have to know the enemy and have a plan. Not just barge right in like we did with Iraq because GWB lied about WMD as an excuse. That's something we desperately need to address. The next thing is that we can't have a flax tax, support our citizens, and then fund 4 trillion for a new war; we'd need a progressive tax and unless republicans want that, no war. Third thing is that war on terror was RADICALLY increased world-wide terrorism and completely boosted the members in terrorist groups. We need new tactics, not just get emotional and then impulsively start wars without plans then create trillions of debt.

  • You can't declare war on a non-country:

    Remember the war on terrorism? This falls under that technically speaking; that "war" never ended. Never will either. Go figure. ISIS should be a priority to dismantle whether by subterfuge or force but people need to be more careful with their declarations. Just because citizens use "war" as if it were a word going out of style to mean almost any given conflict doesn't mean that a nation can or should do the same.

  • They are not a nation state.

    As far as I know, you can only declare war on a country, not a political movement, which is what ISIS primarily is. They are not a recognised nation state. Secondly, I think that this would be exactly what ISIS would like the US to do, it would create a backlash all over the world, and recruit many more Muslims to their cause.

  • No, gods damnit

    No, we should NOT declare war on a non-entity nation, when we are already at war with a non-entity nation.

    When will people realize power is a force which when removed creates a vacuum which MUST BE FILLED. If we didn't fill the vacuum with American soldiers and Muslim corpses, it would be filled with Muslim soldiers and Muslim corpses.

    We should never have invaded Iraq, we broke the region, now we can either spend another 4 TRILLION DOLLARS to do NOTHING, or we can let the middle east sort out it's own damn issues.

  • America needs to live and let live and stay out of other countries, or groups' affairs.

    America has never been harmed by ISIS directly, so why should we get involved? According to CNN.Com, there have been no direct attacks from ISIS on the United States. There were only five attacks in the U.S that have been “inspired” by ISIS. These fIve attacks can’t compared to the other 72 attacks in 19 other countries in Europe, Canada, and Northern Africa, most of which were carried out by ISIS themselves. The attacks on the United States are said to be inspired, but most of them are merely theories that can’t be proven. For example the attack on November 4th, 2015. This attack is described by CNN.Com, “University of California, Merced, student Faisal Mohammad stabs four people before being shot to death by police. Authorities initially said the attack was simply the work of a disgruntled student, but the FBI concluded four months later that Mohammad had looked at ISIS and other terrorist websites and propaganda before the attack. The agency concluded the attack appeared to be terror-inspired, but said "it may never be possible to definitively determine why he chose to attack people on the UC Merced campus. None of the stabbing victims died.” The FBI said that the attack “appeared” to be terror-inspired, but they could really never know. Out of the five, there are two attacks that are “believed” to be inspired by ISIS, leaving 3 actual attacks inspired by ISIS in the United States. The only justification that would lead to the United States going to war with ISIS will be a direct attack on the United States. If we go to war now we will almost be inviting ISIS to attack us directly. We only went into World War II because of the Pearl Harbor attacks, the same should apply here. If we do get directly attacked by ISIS in the future, we should go to war, but until then, if there is a then, there is no reason to.

  • Americans Are Retarded

    We shouldn't declare war on Isis for may reasons... First off they want to fight us, and we should not give them what they want. Second, Isis used to part of other terrorist groups but they disowned them because they were "too crazy" and now other terrorist groups are fighting against them. Third, Isis is loosing to the Iraqi army right now and if the trends keep on continuing they will eventually lose. We shouldn't declare war but we should fund the Iraqi army and the Iraq government wont even let us in because of what we did the last time we were here.

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  • NO! We should not go to war!

    We should not go to war with ISIS. For one it costs way to much money. To go to war it costs around 4 - 6 trillion dollars to go to war. And also the numbers in our military has gone down, so we don't have the numbers. In that case, it means that men in this country will be drafted to go ot war. And that will seperate familes, and put many more people in danger.

  • Ndaa 2012 legalized propaganda

    Not only should we not declare war on isis we shouldnt declare war on anyone until the ndaa ,patriot act, and gun restrictions get overturned first. No reason to trust the government on anything. Obama, bush, clinton, other bush, and trump dont care about the constitution, other countires, or anyone but themselves.

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