• Yes, I am

    While I'm not directly investing in those two companies by buying single shares of stock, many of the mutual funds that I own, own multiple shares within them. I think both companies have solid earnings and are doing great things to grow their business. I am proud to own both.

  • Don't Bandwagon onto a Stock

    When investing into a stock, there is several factors that you must consider. One of the most important of these is future growth potential. If someone asked me if Comcast and Chipotle were a good bet three or four years ago, of course I would say yes. They had tons of room for expansion still available to them. Chipotle has made use of that opportunity, Comcast not so much. What does that mean now? Chipotle is going to top out soon, and their stock price will suffer when that comes in sight. These are not two companies to invest into today.

  • Chipotle all the way

    Comcast is definitely a contender in the television provider category, but as a company Chipotle is definitely not going anywhere. Chipotle is at the top of the fast-food food chain. This is the company that has given all others a blue print as to how to run theirs. They have great food and many have even taken inspiration from the assembly line pick-as-you-go food choices.

  • Buy low, sell high

    It may be old advice, but its sound advice. As the market gains energy and momentum and comcast and chipotle reap the benefits, many people will be buying in. Will I? No. I bought in when it was low/ I may be selling. But not yet. I think theres room for improvement.

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