• Chipotle is a strong company.

    I would absolutely invest in Chipotle stock. The restaurants are extremely popular and reasonably priced. Chipotle places a large focus on the environment and sustainability which appeals to many consumers. They use fresh and "clean" ingredients appealing to very health-conscious individuals. Chipotle has a strong market share and should grow in the future.

  • Chipotle is always appealing

    Chipotle has done so many things right over the years that they have become a blue print for other food companies. They not only started something big when they had the assembly line food choices, but that they give you quality and customizable foods. More food companies need to strive to be better. The food industry standards in this country are atrocious and Chipotle is trying to give a better product to their customers.

  • Yes, I Can See Myself Investing In Chipotle.

    Yes, I have been interested in investing for quite some time now and I could definitely see myself investing in Chipotle or a company similar. For starters, they are one of the fastest growing restaurant chains here in the United States with data to back it up. They have skyrocketed in annual earnings over the last decade from less then $2 a share to more then $10 a share. Obviously there’s risks in any investment of this nature but the data is quite persuasive.

  • Chipotle Doesn't Play Fair

    Chipotle has been caught with massive hiring of illegal immigrants only to address the issue once receiving severe media pressure. The company has a very narrow and selective world view which I would never choose to support. They are not innovative, they are just a burrito copycat of Togos, Subway and Quiznos. I hold no ill thoughts of those that choose to support them, however, I choose not to.

  • A piece of crap like McDonald's

    It don't surprise me that this cheap piece of garbage was owned by McDonald's for quite a long time until a few years ago. Both of them suck. Chipotle is nothing but Taco Bell and McD's combined. YUCK YUCK YUCK! You get no business from me. This place sucks hard.

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