Stock market benefits the wealthy: Should we end the stock market, because it unfairly benefits the rich?

  • The goods will be expensive

    When shopkeeper keep the goods stock .In markets the goods will be shortage and the shopkeeper make the charge what ever they like. When they stock the goods .Goods will shortage .And the important goods will purches on expensive price.So shopkeeper get chance to take a money what ever they wants.

  • Stock Markets help grow a company

    When it comes to the possibility of the stock marketing ending, I strongly disapprove of this idea. Well some may think the stock market does seem to be benefit the rich, the bottom line is it does its part in helping any type of organization grow and keeps it up on times.

  • We have to buy and sell companies.

    Without the stock market, the rich would benefit even more, because they would be the only ones that would know how to buy parts of companies. Without the stock market, it would be all inside jobs, and a person would have to know about the sale in order to invest in a company. This current system is the most fair way.

  • No, the stock market is part of a free market

    While the rich do indeed get richer via the stock market, its existence also allows the working man an opportunity to invest in businesses from which he would otherwise be excluded. Also, by providing an opportunity for small companies to sell stock to fund growth, the economy benefits. Eliminating the stock market to eliminate the benefit to the wealthy is neither logical nor beneficial to the unwealthy.

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