• But it will depend on people believing

    Confidence effects the economy. If everyone expects the economy to do poorly no one will invest and it will do poorly. Everyone in the no column is promoting a poor economy.

    I can't guarantee that people will start investing more, but if you care about the economy and you want to be part of the solution and not the problem then invest more and talk about how the economy is starting to do better.

  • Earnings reports will spark an influx of investing.

    Earnings reports will spark investing because there are always people motivated by good news. It is human nature. When many people hear bad news they are likely to withdraw their money. But on the other side of the coin, knowing that good times are here creates investing momentum, whether or not it is good financial sense to do so.

  • No Change in Investing

    With the economy still struggling to get on its feet, I think even if the earnings reports are positive, they will not be positive enough to create a spark to increase investing. I think if there is even the slightest decrease there will be a large retreat from investing but I think it will be years before the earning reports have any noticable postive effect on investing.

  • Earnings Reports Will Not Spark Influx of Investing

    No, I do not believe that earning reports will spark an influx of investing. Investors are very cautious these days because of the state of the economy. Earnings reports, even if they are good ones, often show growth, but investors want to see year after year growth for good investments.

  • No it won't

    People are struggling out here in the world just to buy groceries. The government will not help people make more money, the price of everything is inflating, yet the minimum wage is stuck and people are getting poorer and poorer than they should be. They are suffering out here and our leaders just don't care about the little guy anymore.

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