Stock markets continue to rise after Trump win: Are the markets reacting to relief that the election is over?

  • Yes, it is true.

    Just after the elections, stock markets are rising. This is because Trump won the elections. I hope that the stock market will continue rising and this will benefit the county. If stock market rise, the economy of the country will rise up. If this comes to pass, then the protestors will have to like him.

  • Not for Trump

    Yes, I think the markets are reacting to relief since this was one of the worst election cycles we've ever had. I don't think the bump is an endorsement of a Trump presidency, but rather a correction since we haven't burned down the country, yet. Even if we don't like our current situation, it can't (please, please God) last forever.

  • Markets react to the certainty of a Trump presidency

    The markets are reacting to the certainty given by a decisive victory. Investors are now able to allocate resources according to industries that Trump has expressed interest in reinvigorating, such as health care. If the Clinton camp had not conceded the election to Trump, markets may still be in a downward trend. Investors assess a wide-range of data, including political movements, as they look forward to possible financial outcomes. With a Republican-controlled Congress to aid Trump, the markets are responding confidently to a pro-business presidency.

  • Yes, market relief is evident after Trump win.

    Yes, there are some who are relieved that the election is over. At times, there can be relative peace and prosperity after a major decision in life has been made. Even though the long-term outcome of Trump's win is largely unknown, we can see that the initial stress from the decision making is over. Thus leading to markets rising.

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