Stock markets go up days after election: Are people confident that Trump will make their financial lives better?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Trump is rich. He does not want his savings to dwindle. For the most part, he is going to do what will increase his wealth. That would not be to devalue the dollar. What would be good for America is if he cut off all imports. Only import raw material like steel, copper, iron and so on. All else shut off. All the companies that have opened up factories in foreign countries to evade labor cost and taxes lose the infrastructure outright. Like Ford, Harley...

  • People are confident that Trump will make their financial lives better

    People are confident that Trump will make their financial lives better. After all, we have had eight years of Obama and their financial lives are not better. That's one of many reasons Hillary lost. Trump's financial policy makes perfect sense, but because of wealth envy the losers on the bottom of the financial pole will always complain that they are broke, of course whining through no fault of their own.

  • People really think he can make great deals.

    The people who supported Donald Trump for president really do feel like he is some kind of magical businessman who can snap his fingers and make the economy good again where everyone will have money and there won't be any outside interference when it comes to illegal immigrants stealing the jobs of hardworking American citizens. He can make deals and people really believe that. I just hope they get exactly what they want but in this game nobody and everybody is wrong because they are simply opinions and in the grand scheme of things don't really amount to a hill of beans because Donald Trump is merely one person in a system of thousands that has been in play forever. He will not control everything in this country because we have a system of checks and balances and three branches of government that ideal functions on. So the moral here is know your history and government because ignorance is not bliss.

  • I am not

    Some people truly believe he'll cut taxes and restore their pensions etc. Most of them are from a socioeconomic level he's never been part of and has no idea about. He doesn't care about them or their lives, or me or my life. I'm not sure what he cares about, but if you look at his businesses he's not a financial wizard. Lots of bankruptcies, lawsuits and a pattern of stiffing contractors and employees doesn't fill me with hope.

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