• Yes, it's important to keep any eye on the underdog

    The big-name stocks haven't always been big. They had to start somewhere, and sometimes a new company can become very successful very quickly and in those instances you can profit considerably. Yes the fortune 500's are important, because everyone is watching and trading them. But, a good company can start small, and rise in value just like anyone else.

  • Yes, they should.

    If a company is smaller, it likely has a lower budget for quality material. Someone should do their research or just buy a product from a more known or larger brand if they do not wish to do much research. It's best to get better goods for your money and hopefully that's what a larger company will offer.

  • Yes, they should

    I think all companies whether big or small should factor in to your decision. I think there is a lot of small companies that have a lot of potential and could make a big return. Just because a company is small you should not look the other way, you should see which one you believe will get you the most in the long run.

  • Yes, I believe it should.

    Some small cap stocks should always factor into any investment decision. They are a crucial part of a diversified portfolio. I am firmly against, however, a large portion of small cap stocks in a portfolio. They should be about 10 percent of the whole pie and nothing more unless the portfolio is very large.

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