• Yes, but stocks go up and down.

    Stocks are going down in value, including international ones, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Wall Street is in trouble overall. In trying to research this question, I saw people complaining about the same types of things last year--but, despite concerns, people continue to buy and sell stocks. When/if the economy begins to recover, stocks should start rising in value.

  • Wall Street is not in trouble

    Wall Street is not in trouble because the market may have ups and downs over time but it will always bounce back after it goes down. It is just the nature of the market. It will never stay down or completely break. This is because there are so many companies involved.

  • Highs and slumps in the stock market are natural.

    Highs and lows in the stock market are a natural part of the market. Record highs are often followed by record lows. Spikes and slumps should not be relied on as a viavle indicator of the health of the market. Short term slumps and daily dips should not be a cause for panic and taken as a immediate indicator of trend to market lose for the foreseeable future.

  • No, Wall Street is not in trouble because there is too much money there.

    No, there are too many millionaires and billionaires for Wall Street to ever be in trouble. Wall Street is the one place in the world that succeeds when every other business is struggling. The recession didn't hurt Wall Street, so why would any thing else. They are in a slump, it will not last.

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