Stolen 9-11 flag returned: Will we forget 9-11, like we have forgotten Pearl Harbor?

  • In a few decades, we will!

    It's been almost 73 years, since the fateful attack on Pearl Harbor. Younger generations today appear to have little knowledge of WWII and show far more sympathy toward the nation that waged that attack than condemnation. Many cannot even distinguish the difference between an attack made during "peacetime" and one made during "war". In a few decades, 9/11 will be the same way. People will question why it happened (already seeing that). They will ponder how it happened. And I suppose a few will end up sympathizing with Bin Laden!

  • Time fades Memories

    I don't think we have truly and completely forgotten Pearl Harbour, but events do become less and less remembered as years go by. One of the things that keeps memories fresh is being a part of it, and having people you know directly affected. As generations change, this will be less prominent and naturally the event will lose it's focus.

  • Memories fade with later generations.

    Yes, we will eventually forget 9-11 like we have forgotten Pearl Harbor, because with later generations that have not lived through the even, memories will start to fade. If they haven't lived through something that traumatic, they will not be able to fell how terrible the event was. They will think about things that have happened in their own lives.

  • I wasn't aware there were people ignorant of the events of Pearl Harbor.

    Perhaps OP has forgotten that day, but the vast majority of intelligent Americans over the age of seven can recite quite accurately the events at Pearl Harbor.

    What kind of strawman does one have to believe in to think Americans have "forgotten" about one of the most brutal and efficient military attacks we have ever suffered?

  • No will never be forgotten

    I think the magnitude of what happened on 9-11 will make it so it is never forgotten. The fact that so many innocent people who were just at work were killed who were not military just makes the situation stand out so much more. The fact of what they were able to accomplish by stealing 3 planes will always be a reminder of how much we lost that day.

  • No and that just pleases the mujahideen of al-Qaeda :)

    Americans will never forget 9/11 because they believe the deaths of 3,000 people is the worst event in human history, never mind the more 1 billion people that have been killed by their own government, which actually prompted 9/11. Anyway, if Americans don't forget it you know that means? It is an eternal victory for the mujahideen because they launched an attack that their enemies will still be speaking about in perhaps 100 years time, it was an attack that terrified their enemies and that it is a victory in itself.

  • Not forgotten, gotten over

    First of all, we haven't totally forgotten pearl harbor. I think that 9/11 should be thought of in the same light as pearl harbor. It almost seems as though people are unwilling to let 9/11 go. I understand that 9/11 was a fairly recent tragedy, but i can't help but think that it's time we all move on.

  • No, we will never forget.

    I don't actually believe we have forgotten Pearl Harbor, we talk about it ever year and remember those who lost their lives. However I do think 9-11 won't be forgotten because it was civilians who lost their lives due to terrorism that day and up until that moment we were not at war. I think this makes 9-11 a little different since it wasn't a military base that was attacked. It showed all of the American people just how vulnerable we all are.

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The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-07T18:55:07.067
I think this is an argument from the same person on different anonymous profiles. All of the writing has the same voice, and all of it is incredibly stupid.