• Yes you need to stop spammer

    Do you have a life? Do you have a job? Do you have friends? Are you sad? Are you angry? Are you insane? Are you damaged? Are you stubborn? Are you a freak? Do you have dissociative identity disorder? Do you have autism? Do you have a micro p*nis? Go see a therapist

  • I am fat spammer

    I actually didn’t spam anything this time. All I did was ask for an alliance with Jamal’s father and I built an army and when Jamal saw it, He peed in his pants and surrendered and his mommy is ticked off now so please leave me alone and pick on someone else. Unlike Jamal’s mommy, I don’t make racial slurs towards black people.

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ThisVeryDay says2020-11-28T16:21:43.710
I used to think of him as a doctor
with a heavenly glow
Then I thought of him as a salesman
I did not want to know
Now with my foreskin gone
I'm beyond belief
He is nothing more
than a common thief!

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