• I specifically don’t like the ones who run these sites

    This doesn’t change the fact that the moderators and administrators of these kind of sites are toxic people. It gets to the point that it seems like they abuse their power as staff. Sometimes they even break their own rules which that isn’t even fair. Why should we follow their rules whenever they break them too?

  • I f***ing hate those sites

    The booru project is making the internet a terrible place and turns a lot of people into f***ing assholes. The worst ones are the ones that are specific to one community. Like derpibooru is for bronies, Gelbooru and Danbooru are for people who like anime, Rule34 is for people who like porn, E621 is for people who like furries, Etc.

    If a site is for a specific community then do not ever visit those sites or at least never register because all you’re gonna get are warnings from moderators over every single rule you break on their site or just straight up banned. It needs to die so hard.

  • These booru websites need to be terminated

    The booru project is a community of fake imageboard websites that clearly do not care about their users at all with their horrible moderators and admins. They are all nothing but f***ing assholes that only care about the site itself and not the actual users. These guys obviously do not care a single thing about their users and only the site itself and these sites need to be shut down forever if their staff members can’t be nice to their f***ing users.

  • Old but whatever

    The purpose of a Booru is to provide an easy way for users to enjoy a specific set of images set to specific set of tags. This is a meticulous process, And users must cooperate if they want to enjoy the privilege of posting on the sites. The functionality of the website is more important than whether or not you get cucked for disregarding the rules.

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