Storms pound Houston, widespread street flooding. Will this be a humanitarian disaster?

  • Yes, a disaster on many levels

    Our ability to utilize visualization ques has done a great deal in helping areas hit with disaster recover a normal life. These visual ques, however, do little in the way of conveying the hopelessness felt among the people who has suffered a natural disaster. Unexpected flooding, especially in urban areas, destroys so much in so many ways that lives involved will need every ounce of help gleaned from declaring a disaster, of any kind, that do not have to beg for.

  • It seems unlikely the current weather storm impacting Houston and causing widespread street flooding will be a quantifiably large humanitarian disaster according to some previous weather storms impacting the international community, and the United States.

    Although current storm impact causing widespread street flooding might prove negatively impacting for many residents in the city for different reasons (obviously those without alternative living, housing, working options might prove very negatively impacted) it perhaps might be also reasonable to presume relevant, organized non-profit and spontaneous efforts will be made to contain flood damage and aggregating types of harm (by those suffering the worst as well) and those in a better position to contribute effort and time. Furthermore, different types of infrastructure in the United States at large, and Texas itself, frequently might provide certain remedies, both immediately physically apparent and less quantifiable as conceptualizations. Nevertheless, those in the immediate area might be well advised to seek safety elsewhere and in places deemed suitable to outlast emergency situations of this sort.

  • Not a disaster, but there will need to be a concentrated cleanup effort

    To call something a humanitarian disaster requires the real danger of lives across a region being put in danger. There will possibly be some loss of life, as is the case in many recent cases of flooding. However, none of those cases were called humanitarian disasters. Take Missouri from a year or two back, for instance.

  • No the flooding in Houston is not going to be humanitarian disaster.

    While the severe storms that have dumped massive amounts of floodwater in Houston have caused havoc in the communities of Houston, and Harris county, they have not reached the level where there is wide scale danger to the people of Houston. The flood waters will recede, the roads will be cleared and life will get back to normal.

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