Straights will be forced to date homosexuals in the future

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • If they're forcing pastors to marry homosexuals than it won't be far until more people lose their rights

    Pastors practice their religion when they marry couples. By having the government to threaten and arrest them for not practicing their religion is going against the Constitution, First Amendment which clearly states Freedom of Religion. By forcing them to marry homosexuals is to encourage homosexuality which is against their core beliefs. It's like if the army only stocked pork in their cafeteria and expected Muslim U.S. soldiers to eat it which is against their core beliefs and that is an abomination.

    So I don't see how the government will start forcing straight people to date homosexuals that have interest in them. Refusal to do so may lead to heavy fines or arrest and refusing to date homosexuals can be considered a hate crime and homophobia.

  • We live in a sick society, we can expect this to happen.

    The government will form a computer dating agency that will use pictures from the DMV and information on their finances from the IRS. If I can choose which lesbian I want to date, and they show me a beautiful 18 year old girl, oops I mean person, I will get to know this lesbian in a romantic setting. Hey, if she has sex with other girls, she will probably do some other kinky weird stuff that I hav'nt tried before.

  • The Gays Shall rule the world!

    I always find the stupid christians with their arguments based strictly on one fallacy or another entertaining. This argument has the logic of:
    "We have lost our RIGHT to oppress other people, therefore The government will force us to have buttsex."

    Then the christians throw in some appeals to fear with that slippery slope and ta-da! You now have a facet of christian logic.

  • Gay tyranny. PHHHHHYTTT!!!!

    This is a troll poll, nothing more, nothing less. No one ever forced anyone to be gay, not saying gays can't be rapists too. Bring it!@@@ fools. So be it then EH!!!!!! There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who strikes at the root. Dare you to call me a gay hater, retard.

  • That is absurd

    Why would anyone force a straight person to date a gay person?
    That is completely and utterly illogical and absurd.
    There is not logic or evidence that could lead to that conclusion.
    Furthermore, jaksunmadness's article is a fake and satirical. His argument is not supported by any facts.
    This is utter nonsense.

  • Absurd, Why Would Homosexuals Want to Date Straights?

    No one dates anyone they don't want to date whether their straight or gay. I've been asked out by a gay person and declined in the same manner that I've declined straights that I've had no interest in. We might as well go back to arranged marriages if declining dates becomes a civil rights issue.

  • What the?! It doesn't even make any sense.

    Why will that even happen? Its not like majority of the people are gay. I can't even wrap my head around as to why you would force yourself to date homosexuals, I mean who is forcing you? Its not like you don't have the freedom to do so. Straights being forced to date homosexuals is just another reason for those homophobes to point out an argument that isn't even true or valid at that.

  • No, only ignorant hateful religious people believe that.

    There is no law coming that will force straights to marry gays. It is insane to even think that. Not only is it unconstitutional, it makes no sense at all. This lie was made up by religious idiots who are scared of someone because they are attracted to the same sex. These people are bigots to the highest degree.

  • What the f

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  • No, this is ridiculous

    The whole idea of straights being forced to date homosexuals is just absurd. It wouldn't work out for either party. Why on earth would these two groups want to date it defeats the whole objective it's the most ridiculous notion I've possibly ever heard. It's not some kind of offensive hate crime not to date someone who isn't the same sexual orientation as you in fact it would be far more disrespectful to force this to happen.

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jaksunmadness says2015-12-03T14:00:04.957
Homosexuals like to use that argument

"oh you dont know ur gay if u dont try it"

so i dont see how they wouldnt start this sort of political act

homosexuality is not something that ur born with, it's one of the most worthless political movements out there, it's not "progressive" at all, it 's just for the interest for those with a fetish of having sex with people of the same sex, it's like if a bunch of ppl wanted BDSM to be seen as acceptable and walk around open about themselves being BDSM loving folk and we shouldnt give them crap about it