Student accused of rape sues school: Should accused rapists have legal rights?

  • Innocent until proven guilty.

    There have been countless cases of rape accusations proven false. Moreover, it has ruined many lives as a result. Unless there is solid evidence that the accused is guilty of rape, he/she should not be infringed by any of it's consequences. Anything else is blatant favoritism to the one who cries wolf.

  • Yes, even rapists should have legal rights

    Rapists may be bad people. They may also be good people that did a bad thing. Regardless, they should be afforded legal rights. Some of those rights should be curbed, but they should not be stripped of all their rights. If society were to strip them of all their rights with no hope of getting any of them back, then society should just execute them.

  • Yes, accused rapists should have legal rights.

    Yes, accused rapists should have legal rights. There is a long-standing tradition in the United States of assuming the innocence of those accused of crimes until they are proven to be guilty. Until an accused rapist is found beyond a shadow of a doubt to have perpetrated a crime, they should be afforded full legal rights.

  • Only if they are innocent.

    If you are accused of rape and are found innocent then you should have the right to sue somebody for dragging your name through the mud but if you are accused of rape and are found guilty then your rights go out the window because you obviously didn't care about the rights of the person you raped so why should we care about yours.

  • Accused rapists should have legal rights

    Accused rapists should have the same legal rights as anyone else accused of a crime. The suspect should have the opportunity to defend himself and to offer evidence of innocence. The fact that the alleged crime took place in a university environment should not deprive a person of the right to due process.

  • Not really, I don't think so.

    If they did then no, they need to face some sort of punishment, prison or so. If you're desperate for a partner, find one on a dating website or something. If you rape a woman, she could have a husband who might have threatened her for having sex with another man.

    Rape is dirty and rotten.

    The only reason to give them legal rights is if they haven't raped. However, the rapist didn't care about his/her victim's rights, we don't need to worry about yours either then.

    Rights only for innocent or minor criminals.

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