Student and Killer Dead in School Shooting: Should gun safety be a required class(yes) or taught by parents(no)?

  • Required class is a good idea.

    I honestly think there should be a required gun safety course in the school but only a short time course and the student just needs to take it at some point in their high school career. Guns are certinally not a subject that should be taken lightly and students should be aware of this.

  • No, I don't think it should be.

    I think that most parents should teach their children what to do in the event that they are at their friends house and someone pulls out a gun to play with, but I don't believe that it should be a required course in school. Teachers have enough on their plate without also have to learn about how to teach gun safety.

  • Teach Kids how to shoot each other

    Do you think that the kids that kill other kids, really care about gun safety. They know how to use and gun and want to murder other people. No-one should have the right to tell me if or when my daughter should take a gun safety class We have already given the goverment to much control as it is.

  • Taught By Parents

    I would not want my child learning gun safety in a classroom. I believe children reach the maturity level necessary for this at different ages depending on their upbringing. Parents should maintain the right and responsibility to handle gun safety with their children. Schools are there to provide an education in the basics, not guns.

  • No, Not Required

    I do not think that gun safety should be a required course, because children mature at different ages, and some students simply wouldn't be able to handle the concepts of gun safety. But I do think that parents have a responsibility to talk with their children about gun safety, and take their children to professionally taught gun safety courses that teach practical and responsible gun habits.

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