Student at Seattle Pacific University stops gunman from causing more damage. Should we start arming our schools with more security?

  • It is nesacary

    Students need to have more security and with out it we could be putting our brothers, sisters, kids, nieces, nephews, grand kids, and all students in danger. Would you want to see one of those people as one of the people that passed away on the news at the next school shooting or would you want to see them as one of the people helping arrest the person who tried to attack the school but failed because of security!

  • Better safe then sorry!

    To be honest, I am actually surprised this hasn't happened yet. I am 26 years old, and I have read and heard about many stories regarding school shootings over the years. I am definitely for schools doing what they can to really hype up their security to prevent such shootings from happening.

  • Yes we should.

    We need armed security guards in every school, library, mall and store. We need more law abiding citizens with conceal carry permits and open carry permits. Criminals should be afraid to kill innocent people. They should be Afraid that a security guard will capture them if they kill innocent people. Criminals need to be afraid that one of their potential victims could have a weapon and be able to capture, injure or kill them. Criminals should see law abiding citizens with guns in public areas. If they are scared of an other person with a gun (a good person) than they're less likely to commit the act. Even if they so someone should be able to stop then immediately. I am extremely proud of the hero who stopped this killer in Washington before he could have caused more damage. My prayers and thoughts to out to those affected by the killing.

  • Yes, I Believe Schools Should Have Armed Security

    With all of the attacks that have been occurring at schools and universities within the past two decades, I believe it is time campuses beefed up their security. Schools should have armed security on the premises, that have received formal police or military training and are ready to take down armed assailants.

  • In current climate, security in schools is needed

    It is a tragic day when we need to start having armed security in our schools but unfortunately in the current climate of gun culture there is a need to have armed guards protecting our students. There have been so many cases in recent times of gunmen entering schools and attacking unprotected students, there has to be some kind of defence or deterrent against such behaviour therefore we need to arm our schools with more security staff.

  • No, we should not start arming our schools with more security.

    There are typically a useful amount of security on school campuses already. Adding extra security for rare instances like a shooting cost more money and are almost never cost beneficial. If a student intends to attack a school, then they're most likely going to. If they know there is more security with more defenses, they're going to use a bigger gun. When the students are oppressed by too much security they're going to want to rebel anyway. It's better to keep things the way they are and deal with the events as they unfold.

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