Student cell phones in school: Should students be allowed to carry and use cell phones in school?

  • YES totes magotes

    Kids should be allowed to have cell phones in school. They should have restrictions, like no texting during class and so on. They can have them for calculators and such (with permission form a teacher or professor) text mom dad brothers teachers professors and sisters.

  • Students Should be allowed to use cellphones in school

    There are many reasons I have found that support this. There are more and more school shootings going on and students need phones on them to notify their parents what is happening, this could end up changing their plans or anything. Also they can be used for school purposes. Many things are going to online these days.

  • Yes they should

    I think they need to contact their parents after school
    the school can keep the phone and give them at departure time if there would be a problem after th school. .. . .. .. .. . . .. . .. .. . . . . . . .. .

  • Kids should be allowed to carry cell phones

    Kids should be allowed to carry cell phones to school to contact their parents. They can have rules like no using cell phones for certain subjects and what can they use cell phones for and so on. If the teachers do not trust the students to use their cellphones for their studies then they can restrict those apps that are not related to studying.

  • They should be allowed

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  • Kids should have their phones in class

    Kids should be able to have their phones in class they could have them face down on the desk and if they need to do some other way to get home they could look at their phone in between the classes. What if their was an emergency because the teacher might have to many kids.

  • YES because what if the kid gets hurt with no one around to help

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  • Let them use it

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  • Yes they should

    I think kids should carry their phones in school because #1 they might need it in case of an emergency and #2 because if they don't have it out and put it away teachers shouldn't be in yo pocket anyway. And tbh that's just how I feel. And idgaf if u don't agree like tf

  • No, students should not be allowed to carry and use cell phones in school.

    I believe that students should not be allowed to carry and use cell phones in school. Cell phones are a distraction, plain and simple. Students get distracted because they try and text on them instead of paying attention in class. Some students have even used cell phones to record answers and cheat on tests. Students should leave their cell phones at home or in their lockers.

  • No, phones shouldn't be allowed.

    In my opinion, phone shouldn't be allowed. Sure, students can take their phones and leave them in their lockers or school bags, but haveing them out during class is not ok. From self experience, students do really stupid things their not suppose to (I'm sure there is no need for examples). And phones get broken, it's just not a good idea at all. Enough said.

  • Cell phones in school can be harmful and unnessasary.

    Cell phones in school can distract a child's education and learning. It can also bring danger to school buildings, just like the Columbine crisis or the WTC attacks. Cell phones can call out bombings and terrorize other people. Plus, kids go to school to learn, not text! They have the the time in the world at home to call/text people, and play mobile games!

  • NO carry and no use

    I think that you shouldn't need a phone in school because it's unnecessary to need it! It will be a big distraction to kids and they will show inappropriate picture. I really hope that the teachers will charge money for being caught with a phone. My friend's cousin's school charges $50 for being caught with his phone. NO JOKE!!!

  • No, they're needless

    The only two uses kids have for cellphones in school are to spread nasty gossip and to find distractions from learning. There is no educational need for having the devices in the classroom, or even the hallway. I'm glad they were barely a thing when I was finishing up grade school, what a headache for faculty.

  • They should be allowed to carry, but not use cell phone in school

    No, I do not believe that students should be able to use cell phones in school, but I do believe that they should be able to carry a cell phone. In some families there are no home phones, so the cell phone is only communication that students have with their parents. Not to mention, in this age of school shooting and violence a student may need to for help in case of an emergency.

  • Carry yes use no

    Students should be allowed to carry cell phones in school just in case they need them in an emergency. However they should not be able to use them at all in class. Many kids today have cell phones and they should not be denied the right to carry them, but not have the right to use them.

  • Students should not be allowed to carry and use cell phones in school.

    Students should not be able to use cell phones in school because they could get in danger on the Internet. There have been cases of anonymous online bullying leading to teenage suicide. Sexually predatory pedophiles are also known to use social networks to hunt their victims. Students should not be in danger when they are at school.

  • Cell phones can be distraction in schoold zone

    I favor the use of cell phones but it should be restricted in school zone. With lots application available in phone these day can be a disturbing while studying. It can also cause distraction to others students as well. Lets say a student who is paying attention to lecture and keeps hearing someing beeping next to them can effect their lecture which lead to other things.

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