Student cell phones in school: Should they be allowed in the event of a school-wide emergency (a shooting, etc.)?

  • Umm I accidentally clicked on this and it looked interesting for my school paper that I am writing and Idk what this is

    Umm... Schools should have Phones in school and that we need them so if someone comes in and tries too kill us we can call out mommys and they can come and punch them like one punch man did to that giant monster and my grandma can yell at them so they get scared and run away cuz they are babies...

  • Get s out information

    I believe that student should be allowed to have cell phones in the event of a school accident/shooting. It Gets the information out much quicker that we might think. Right when the terror begins, a message of call could already be sent out to one of the student's parents and/ or help. This could save multiple lives and time. Student who do in fact use their cell phones in class is a distraction to them. They need to make a change, not every other student. Their grades are their grades. If the student thinks it is a great distraction to him/her, the student will act accordingly to the way he/she needs to handle the phone. The students are not incompetent. They know when and when not to do things. If they don't, it's their own grades that suffer.

  • No, students should not have cell phones in school in the event of a school wide emergency.

    I believe that students should not have cell phones in school in the event of a school-wide emergency such as a shooting. Cell phones are a total distraction to students and prevent learning. Cell phones that go off during class would totally disrupt a class. Instead, schools need to take more precautions, such as installing security systems and keeping doors locked at all times.

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