Student loan debt for bachelor’s degree recipients continues to grow. Should the federal government make public colleges free?

  • Public colleges should be free

    Tuition at public colleges should be free, with the federal government providing financial aid directly or via tax subsidies. Too many students are graduating with large debt burdens that hinder them financially for years. This prevents large scale purchases, such as a home. Therefore, it would improve the overall economy.

  • Education Should Be First Priority

    Public colleges should be free because education is absolutely essential, not just for the potential for job markets but also for people's psychological, emotional and intellectual growth. The more educated people are, the more control they have over their own lives. Student loan debt is an unnecessary burden for people trying to better themselves and the world.

  • Free college tuition is unfair to everyone

    The public is going to be forced to pay for college if tuition is made free. Many older workers were not able to attend college because of the cost, but they will be strapped with higher taxes to made tuition free for others. Older Americans will not have the opportunity to attend free college because there will be limitations for who is eligible.

  • Government should not pay for tuition

    I do not believe that a satisfactory solution to the student loan problem involves the government making public college free. I feel that this would devalue existing degrees and qualifications - instead alternate educations like trade skills and apprenticeships should be valued fair more highly than they currently are and suitably promoted.

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