Student loan debt for bachelor’s degree recipients continues to grow. Should the government provide more direct financial aid?

  • College fees should be controlled

    The government should provide more help to students as the tuition fees for them to study in university remains high. This can benefit students from different families, and even for the students who suffered in poverty.
    Also, after the students accept tertiary education, they will benefit the economy as thay are critial resources in the future society.
    However, the government should impose policies to limit the rise in tuition fees in university in order to ensure the subsidies and financial support provided to the students actually help.

  • College Should Be Free

    More direct financial aid or just making college free altogether could leave this idea behind that you have to have money or be in debt to the government for most of your life in order to get a good education that helps out all of society in the long term.

  • U.S. government should provide more college aid

    The Unites States government should provide more direct financial aid for college students. Too many are graduating with large debt burdens that hinder them financially for years. There is a strong link between education and compensation, so it would improve the overall society. Therefore, it would improve the overall economy.

  • They should cut university funding.

    Universities have gotten expensive because the governments provide so much aid. Why should every university professor make a six-figure salary. They do not add any value to the world. They do not make anything. They get large amounts of taxpayer dollars just for speaking. Ultimately, students have to pay for this with whopping student loans. There needs to be a crash in the education bubble.

  • Government aid on raises college tuition

    When colleges know the government is going to help students pay tuition, the colleges automatically increase tuition costs. When the government is paying for college tuition, the students are forced to pay for their college classes and the college classes of other students after they graduate. Government aid for college costs more money for everyone expect the universities.

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