Student Loans: Based on false promises of high-paying jobs by colleges, should the U.S. Government forgive student loans?

  • Something needs to be done.

    It is important to keep in mind that student loans are not discharged in bankruptcy like other debts. If someone is scammed in other ways, they have the ability to file for bankruptcy to absolve their debts. While it puts a black mark on your record and holds you accountable for the decision, it is still a way out. Right now, there is no way out for student loans. As a result, something needs to be done to allow someone who made a bad financial decision regarding their education a way out, even if like bankruptcy it leaves a black mark.

  • Forgiving Student Loans Should Not Be a U.S. Government Bailout

    If the promise of high-paying jobs was misrepresented by colleges, then the college should bear part of the responsibility of forgiving student loans. The variety of degree programs and the infinite reasons for students that fail in the job market can not be monitored. The government does currently offer a special program to forgive student loans for those who take a government job.

  • No, the U.S. Governement should not forgive student loans.

    Student loans provide an opportunity for education but, while education does often lead to higher paying jobs, it is no guarantee. There are many factors that can either help or hinder a person from obtaining a high-paying job including work ethic, luck, and social skills. The Government should not forgive loans simply because the student does not attain the success they imagined for themselves.

  • No, the U.S. Government should not forgive student loans.

    I believe when you apply for and accept a loan you are fully aware that loan must be repaid. While it is unfortunate that students were lured to accept loans based on colleges predicting those students landing high-paying jobs, those predictions were certainly not guarantees. It would certainly not fall on our government to forgive the loans in my opinion.

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