Student should be able to spend their time doing what they want

  • It is fine

    The teachers have no right to intervene in students rights and freedom teachers are allowed to have rights and so students should be able to do what they want ok ok ok because students are amazing and they should be allowed to do what they want ok ok ok ok

  • It is absolutely ok

    I think that students should have more time to do what they want in schools as long as it doesn’t affect teachers ok teachers are already watching and monitoring students students should be allowed to do what they want and make schools more fun indeed ok ok ok bye bye

  • There is a reason they are called "students"

    There is a reason they are called "students". Students may think that they know enough to choose how to spend their time, Yet any dispassionate observer can see that to be false. Students are in a "student mode" because they still need direction. Given enough freedom, The immature mind will seek pleasure over progress.

  • Students in school.

    Students should remain within the rules and regulations of the school. They need freedom does not mean that they could do anything in school. Actually, They should do things that are appropriate for them as well as for the school. Without rules, Children can not learn discipline and honesty. Good luck.

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