• Students are being overeducated

    Nowdays, childrens are very overeducated. It's mainly because of parents who doesn't want my children to be undereducated than others. Because of that, students are very tired. Well, sometimes I feel that too. In conclusion, I think that today, students are being overeducated and parents should know that there is no use in there.

  • I wouldn't use that term but yes

    "Overeducated" isn't the best way to put it but I'm in high school now and the schools are trying to cram way to much information in our brains. Its pretty stressful and I don't get a lot of sleep or free time because of it. If the schools didn't condense so much information into the curriculum, students would actually learn more because they'd be able to take it all in. A lot of the stuff isn't ever relevant to the topic anyways.

  • Students and teachers

    I think now a days students are very over educated and work alot. If the english teacher doesnt know math or science how are students are supposed to know all the subjects and do the work of every single subject everyday.
    I also belive that students should have the right to choose what they should learn. They also should learn the bases of all the subjects and then we choose what to take.
    In addition to that i think the problem is with the system as it always expect that the students should be perfect in everything.

  • Creating a generation of debt

    Only 20% of jobs require a degree but near to 70% of young people go to university. This is because society has developed an attitude that you are less cultured or intelligent if you don't go to university. Therefore people are pressured into going to university because it is considered the correct thing to do. We are educating people for jobs that do not exist.
    What's the upshot of this? People are leaving university sitting upon a mountain of debt trying to pay back something they didn't need in the first place.

  • Students are being over worked and over educated

    If one teacher cant teach students all subjects how can a student be expected to learn all of the subjects. Students are expected to achieve the highest grades possible and for that they need to be taught large amounts of work this becomes to over whelming for most students as there is a lot of pressure put on students to learn the amount needed to succeed in exams. The students are lazy either if people realized how much one student has to learn in a day they would soon stop saying they are lazy I believe that students work more than anybody with a job as they have to learn a variety of different subjects everyday then go home and do the homework that has been assigned that day so students don't really get a break from school work. People are just stereotyping young people as lazy and trouble makers because they don't really get shown in a good light but I'm sure that if you walk into any school you would see that students are working tirelessly to complete course work or revising for an upcoming test students are constantly working and every teachers expect them to focus on their subject only as the teachers believe that their subject is the most important and usually they don't care about the students other lessons, this leads to the students trying to keep on top of all their subjects thus being over worked and over educated. So really isn't it the teachers fault?

  • Students are over educated

    Students like in Korea are also over educated. Korean students go to way too many academies and tests too many exams. They don't have much time to rest, and stress! They get STRESS.There are some students that suicides, too, and that is because they are over educated. End of conversation.

  • I agree to this.

    I a g r e e t o t h i s a r g u m e n t b e c a u s e b l a b l a b l a b l a . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • 4th grade debate class in Korea

    We know students in Korea (at least) are going to school and studying at multiple academies after school every day. Because we are so overeducated, we have become tired and stressed. If we are tired, we can get easily angered, we can't study well, and we can't even rest well. We sometimes fight with our families or run away away from home. In Korea, many students commit suicide due to academic stress.

  • 4th graders in Korea

    We know students in Korea (at least) are going to school and studying at multiple academies after school every day. Because we are so overeducated, we have become tired and stressed. If we are tired, we can get easily angered, we can't study well, and we can't even rest well. We sometimes fight with our families or run away away from home. In Korea, many students commit suicide due to academic stress.

  • It doesn't matter

    We are getting too much information about things we will just forget about later l. Most students only remember enough information to pass the next test after which they forget everything they have learned. If school was teaching us things we would use in our daily lives or chosen profession then it would be beneficial to know as much as you can but if it's how many bones does a chicken have chances are you do not need to know that

  • Um... No, students are not being overeducated.

    Your grammar disproves your theory. I mean, look: "...Because of parents who doesn't want ...", it should be " ...Because of parents whom don't want...". You misspelled "nowadays", and you also put an 's' at the end of children, which is already plural, so you made a plural noun plural, which is improper grammar and it does not make any sense. Also, you used "in conclusion" which kids are taught not to use, and plus, kids are taught to use a conclusion at the end of a paper or when you come to the closing of a long and drawn out point. After you said "in conclusion", you said almost exactly what you just wrote before, so it was unnecessary. There were unnecessary commas throughout, for example: "...I think that today, students...". One last thing: what is the "there" at the end of your argument, and why is there no use in it?

  • No they aren't

    In my opinion they are not getting enough education. People who agree are just lazy and don't like to work. Well, WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!! Work is a necessary part of life.You don't work you don't eat. That is for those with a job. LOL But no we are not be over educated.

  • Umm Hell no

    One it depends mainly on which country you are from. The America is definitely not over educating its students. Lots of European education systems and China are doing a much better job than the U.S.. Two it depends on your own opinion of how much work it takes to be overworked.

  • For the most part I feel children are under educated in area's

    Being from England it is quite clear to see there is a disparity between the level of standard education given to students when compared to our American counterparts however, when a student from Spain, Bulgaria or india they are miles ahead when it comes to the basics such as english, maths and science.

    However I feel that schools should begin to stream line children for their future careers simply by asking them what they would like to be and selecting RELEVANT lessons to them if we in the UK did this in year 7 (when the child is 10/11) we still have time to ask them again when they are in year 9 (14/15) so that by the time they are 18 they will have thought about what they would like to do whilst getting a taste of other area's they were/are interested in.

    I remember all the time telling my teachers I thought P.E and wood tech was pointless because I wanted to be a neuro-biologist however I would be in 6th form (16/17) before I realised that high level science wasn't my thing and when on to go for my other passion which was film and video editing.
    I was lucky and managed to turn my life around at the right time but I feel many others won't be if we keep leaving them to make critical life choices at such a late stage.

  • That Is Totally True!!!!

    Some students get overeducated, but the problem is that most students (like me) never have time to eat in class. Most of the classes can eat food, but other classes never get to eat gum or candy, OR AT LEAST BREAKFAST ( EVEN LUNCH), yes you heard me.... LUNCH!!!!! Even our parents give us dinner when we go home (is it just me or none of you all agree with that!) all I have to say is that some of us kids in schools do't want to get overeducated or get a lot of homework on weeks (YES YOU HEARD ME... WEEKS!!!) That is all I have to say

  • What is educated?

    Students are feeling overwhelmed because they think everything should be easy. Everyone is educated. What knowledge one has is a different story. I can know enough information to make a purchase, but not know enough to know how to maintain, use or store that purchase. I can know how the politics of my government work, but not know how to register to vote.
    What students really need to learn is how to follow directions, read, write, think, and effectively problem solve. Also to seek assistance if they do not understand. I think in education we don't help them keep their curious nature. Parents have become their friends or neglect them, so at school the child has no respect for the adults. If children are taught at an early age that curiosity is healthy and has boundaries then one can never have too much education.

  • Yes and no i am not in one side

    No: Kids are learning things and sometimes kids don't listen you might say tghey over educated or bored but what are they doing not learning see is that educated no kids should learn yes: kids are learning fun stuff with educated stuff and kids are really good learners so keep it up.

  • Ha ha ha

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  • NO! Students are not overeducated

    Because we need this education to success in the future! We have to be successful to make money, and we need money to live. Without money, we almost cannot live. So, I think we need this eduction. Summary is we need to be overeducated to be successful to live happy!

  • Students and teachers

    Somehow, we can say that students are not overeducated. The problem in the status quo is that some teachers are not effective enough to make the studrnts learn and students cannot handle too much information. We better improve the way students and teachers handle education rather see the situation as overeducatio

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