Students rely on technology to complete homework, is this a good thing (yes) or a bad thing (no)?

  • More ways to gather

    Information adn knowledge by using technology in fact I think that is one of the reasons we even have made technology.Many things are becoming more and more tech oriented.That means by using technology to solve homework is including technology in a problem solving process.Which in turn will be very helpfull in years that are to come in our world that has tech spreading everywhere

  • It's a terrific thing that students rely on technology for homework

    Learning how to use a PC is a vital skill in today's world. By utilizing a PC for their homework, they are learning how to use word documents, create spreadsheets, use proper terminology for google searches, etc. Being able to properly use google search is a skill in itself. Students can spend less time trying to find the information and more time being productive.

  • Get used to technology as young as possible

    The idea of children needing to use nothing more than paper and pencil is ludicrous. Why stop the luddite approach there? Perhaps they should be using chalk and a chalkboard? Why even allow that? Why not just drawing in the dirt? Chalk was a major advancement over dirt because it allowed a more permanent writing system, and pencil & paper even moreso. Technology, especially writing programs and the ability to use the Internet to search for information, just provides exponential increases in efficiency of information conveyance. It's not like these kids won't be required to use the technology in their jobs - it will be mandatory that they do.

  • Students must learn to adapt to new technologies

    Technology in America has gone through revolutionary change in the past 20 years, and our children should learn to use it to their best advantage. It is understandable that adults who aren't used to these new technologies would want students to rely on tried and true methods of completing their work, but school is the best opportunity to teach young people how to make the most of these new techniques.

  • Yes, I think it's a good thing that students are relying on technology to complete homework.

    Technology skills are vital for anybody in today's society so students learning how to do homework on technology is a very good skill, I think it is very good for schools to focus on getting students to use technology to solve difficult problems and such since society will only continue to become more and more tech orientated.

  • Technology is bad.

    Technology is distracting to students doing their homework. Also, it is a fact that I proved, that kids do work faster with pencil and paper. Also, technology has become a believable excuse for no homework. Kids can easily say, "I finished my homework, but I accidentally deleted it," or "My computer crashed," or "The internet is broken at my house."

  • No, students should learn how to write by hand as well.

    Students should learn to do research the old-fashioned way. It used to be that you would go to the library, look through books, do a lot of reading, write on note cards, and write out reports by hand. While this sounds like a lot of busy work today, it teaches valuable lessons in organization and research, that simply can't be learned by googling a term and just using computers.

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