Students should go to work not study to get higher degrees after graduating from university.

Asked by: HTKien
  • Working is studying.

    Going to work right away can help students get experience which is the key point to be successful in life. It also develops an independent character, meaning students will not rely on family. Moreover, Working is the best effective way to open one's horizons. In another word, working is studying.

  • Sure -- why not

    Get a good job at a bookstore, hell even get a job tutoring! Personally for me I wanna get a job driving a van and getting stuff for people. Now that would be a wicked job! :) Get a hardware store job even. Do something you love part time.
    At least if it's not McGangstaz hahha

  • Studying is not working

    I agree that working right away after graduating a university does help get students the experience they need to get future jobs and help build and independent character but the question is can they get these jobs? White collar careers require many degrees, you can't walk up to a investment bank on Wall Street and explain that you think this will help build your character. In addition everyone else with many degrees will be hired before you . Over all education is the great equalizer.

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