Students with failing grades should be allowed to play

  • As a student it is every students right to play in any sports

    Every students should play with or without a failing grades. Grades is just a grades it can't define who you are. It can't define how you can manage your own life. It can't define what will you do in you life. Every students should allowed to play in any higher campus competition

  • Grades before sports

    Students should keep their grades up to participate in extracurricular activities. Part of being able to do the "fun" things is being able to prove that you have the self-discipline to put the work into academics to earn the right to participate in school sports. If a student is struggling, That student can participate in academic supports to prove that they are being responsible and accountable to their learning. I do agree that sports are good for socialization and health, But academics need to come first.

  • This is why athletes are so messed up

    You end up with athletes that can't read or preform basic math. Aiming for at least a C- minus is what prevents athletes from becoming full retards.
    Coaches and schools give them easy classes so that even a mentally impaired athlete can pass. It not hard to pass those classes,
    Not every athlete will go to the majors and pro leagues,
    Most might be end up minor league or play for college but what will you do when you find out that you are not good enough at kicking a ball?
    You need basic knowledge to get a job unless you like manual labor.

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