Study abroad should be only for postgraduate students . Do you agree ?

Asked by: abdurahman
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  • Undergraduates students as well

    Studying abroad is an opportunity that every student want to get. It is not necessary only for postgraduates student. Therefore, I believe that not only postgraduates student should study abroad but also the undergraduates student as they can learn to be independent and get knowledge about other people's culture. In university, mostly we can see undergraduates student are at young age. As they are at young age, they can learn how to be independent. Independent is very important for them to become matured in order to face challenges in their life. For instance, a student from Somalia do not know how to manage his financial but when he become a student in Malaysia, he ought to know about his financial management. This because his parents are not beside him anymore. Thus, I conclude that not only postgraduates student have to study abroad but also undergraduates as they can learn stand on their own feet at young age. Secondly, they can get knowledge about other people culture. Postgraduates student mostly have low curiosity about to learn other people culture as they have much knowledge about cultures. So, if opportunity only given to the postgraduates, there is no new relationship emerge between international and local students in a country. Undergraduates can learn cultures such as festive, religion and etc.

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