Study finds men driving BMWs to be more aggressive: Do certain types of cars make drivers behave differently?

  • I think the type of vehicle does affect drivers behavior.

    Let's face it, if you drive a small economy car you are not likely to drive it with the pedal to the floor. A person's mind set has a lot to do with the type of car they purchase. If a man buys a BMW, or the like, which has a lot of horsepower and a certain reputation, they are likely to want to put that vehicle to the test. It is not so likely they will just be put-putting around town in such a vehicle.

  • Yes, certain cars make drivers act differently.

    Yes, drivers act like different people when they drive certain cars. When people have luxury cars, such as BMWs and Mercedes, they seem to be more arrogant. It's as if they think they are above everybody else because they have the most expensive car. It's like the expensive car gives them some kind of confidence they didn't have before.

  • Yes, different types of cars make drivers behave differently.

    Different cars not only provide different features of speed, therefore rendering some faster to drive than others, but they also boast different stylistic aspects well known to lend drivers feelings of adventurousness, confidence and even safety. For this reason, drivers of different car models approach driving in entirely different ways.

  • People love showing off

    People who spend a lot of money on their cars love showing them off, because to them it is a big deal. And if their CAR is a big deal, well, they must be a big deal too! It's just pure selfishness, and it emanates more from those with expensive cars than people driving clunkers.

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