Study shows that Obama's tax hikes on the wealthy did not hurt the economy or the wealthy: Should there be more tax hikes for the wealthy?

  • Yes, the wealthy should be taxed more heavily.

    Though high taxes may seem scary to many people, if we look at the examples of Scandinavian nations such as Sweden and Denmark, we can see that high taxes provide great opportunities for all citizens. Things like free education, universal healthcare, and more can be provided when everyone contributes. The wealthy have more than their fair share and can contribute a higher amount.

  • Raised taxes help everyone in the long run.

    I believe that the people who make the most money in this country should pay their fair share. You can't get by by with letting all the burden fall on the diminishing middle class. The top one percent owns more than sixty percent of the money in the country. They can still survive while paying a little extra for the good of the country.

  • Yes. the wealthy should pay more in taxes.

    Yes, there should there be more tax hikes for the wealthy. The very wealthy people make it off of ripping off workers and everyday people. They should be taxed on this so some of it could help lessen the load for the middle class. The middle class is having a hard time just getting by.

  • Why do we want to hurt them?

    If the tax hikes brought in more money without causing harm to the economy or to taxpayers, then why should we change it? I certainly don't think that the increase needs to be so much that it actually hurts the wealthy. It just needs to be enough to bring in the income that the government needs.

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