Stunning animals before slaughter: Should animals always be stunned before being killed and slaughtered?

  • Less pain is better

    It's not a good thing to kill an animal without stunning them as they would feel more pain before dying religion says we should kill animals differently. How would you like to be killed the painful way or the less painful way? I know what I would choose as we are programmed to be scared of pain

  • Animals need to be stunned before slaughter.

    Animals still feel pain, just like humans. Consequently, they should be able to enjoy the basic right of a painless death. Animals are beings capable of pain, so they need to be treated with respect and dignity before they get slaughtered. It's just basic decency to a fellow creature to stun them before they die.

  • Cruelty is wrong but survival is not

    I do believe that animals should be killed without having to suffer. I don't think the whole world should be vegetarians because I believe a lot of people would starve if that were the case. I think you must be humane when slaughtering animals because it is cruel to make them suffer.

  • Animals are a means to our end.

    There here for us to use as we see fit. If it pleasures people more to see them frolicking in the woods then on their plate, so be it. But they are in no way entitled to rights of any kind.

    As far as tranquilizing before death? A total waste ... Death is death. This tranquilizing concept only makes people feel better ... It helps the animal in no way and gives it no more dignity. Its all in your mind. You gave it humanesque qualities in the first place ... Its the only reason you might feel anything like the need to dignify them now.

    Its irrational and wasteful to tranquilize first. Just further detach yourself from the food prices and you'll be just fine, like you were when you were 5.

  • Save a life!

    Why must people stun the animals and make them suffer a slow death when slaughtering them?! It is bad enough to see what really happens, but the death is so brutal. I just watched a video and it made tears spill from my eyes. At the very least shoot them quickly so the poor, innocent animals don't need to feel pain. I watched how when chicks are born, they instantly pile up thousands of male chicks into a machine and it slaughters them with slow pain. That is AWFUL. They didn't even have time to live? To do anything WRONG!? Destroying an innocent life is absolute cruelty and should be stopped. Those who do it happily and beat the animals until death, making them have diseases and become very sick, are killers, just the same as people who kill another human.

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