Stupid hopeless spammer is fatter and dumber than Jamal and the joker put together

  • We have a new spammer

    1. ) the guy who posted all the why can’t I post a topic but the spammers can is just another spammer trying to ruin the day #whatadick
    2. ) we agreed to call the guy crying over the fact he can’t post topics on debate. Org the hopeless spammer.
    3. ) the hopeless spammer is stupid because if he truly was unable to post topics, We wouldn’t have 15 topics asking why I can’t post topics but others can?
    4. ) Hopeless spammer is dumber than Jamal because at least Jamal tries to be funny
    5. ) hopeless spammer is dumber than joker because at least the joker didn’t cry like a baby (as we know of)
    6. ) anyway, We agreed that the wickedness of Jamal and the joker put together does not even add up to the wickedness of the hopeless spammer
    7. ) Sincerely, The Guardians of the Galaxy.

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