STV or FPP for BC: In the May 12th 2009 referendum in British Columbia (Canada), should voters support BC-STV?

  • Yes, it is better.

    Yes, voters should adopt the STV in British Columbia in the 2009 referendum, because the STV is a better way to have a more meaningful vote. No one wants to vote for a candidate if they don't have much support, but they also want to vote for the candidate they support the most. This allows people to have their cake and eat it too, as vote is concerned.

  • Yes, STV allows for more input.

    Yes, voters should support BC-STV, because the system allows votes to have more impact. Currently, if a person's chosen candidate has no change of winning, there is not much point in that person showing up to vote. If British Columbia adopted the STV system, all voters could be assured that their vote would count in a meaningful way.

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