STV or FPP for BC: Is the change in voter incentives beneficial for British Columbians?

  • Yes, it can be useful.

    This unique system can be useful for promising candidates in future elections. With the FPP, the preference vote will win. With this STV, the public can say they have a stronger preference for one, but consideration for another. This can give candidate who lost the initial election to know they have a fighting chance if they were to run again.

  • Yes, it makes their votes better understood.

    Yes, the change in voter incentives is beneficial for British Columbians, because people are more likely to engage in the civic process if they feel their vote will actually count in a specific way. Allowing votes to count differently depending on how others voted makes a person's vote count that much more, and makes the person elected truly by the will of the people. These are positive developments.

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