Sudanese woman sentenced to death: Does apostasy warrant the death sentence of a pregnant Sudanese woman?

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  • There is no freedom of religion in Islam

    It's easy to mention Sudan, because people tend to hate the Sudanese government, but the underlying problem - in this situation and in many more like it - is Islam. The girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria? They were kidnapped by islamists. The Christians who are often sentenced to death in Pakistan for insulting Muhammed? They are usually reported and convicted by islamists. The churches being set on fire in Indonesia? They are set on fire by islamists. The terrorist attacks in recent years, from the World Trade Center to the underground in Russian cities? Committed by islamists.

    All of these terrible human rights violations are committed in the name of Islam. While some might argue, in an attempt to nuance these cold hard facts, that Christianity is just as bad, it really is not. Muslims kill hundreds of people a day for their religion throughout the world.

  • Freedom of Religion needs to be respected

    Changing one's religious beliefs cannot be viewed as a crime because it does not negatively affect other people. Freedom of religion is a fundamental freedom that must be respected as long as it is not exercised in a way that causes harm to another person or organization. It is also "cruel and unusual punishment" because she is a pregnant woman. This is made worse by the fact that her young son is also forced to be in her prison cell (this child is guilty of nothing) and not allowed to move to the United States of America, where his father lives.

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