Sudden-death overtime in NFL: Is the sudden-death overtime rule in the NFL a good one?

  • Yes, it makes the NFL exciting.

    Yes, the sudden-death overtime rule in the NFL is a good one, because it makes the NFL very exciting. The NFL sets up overtime to be extremely exciting for those who are lucky enough to attend or watch a game that goes into overtime. The NFL sets up teams to take risks in overtime in order to win.

  • Anything Can Happen

    Sudden-death overtime in the NFL is a good rule because anything can happen. The NHL has sudden-death overtime, so why not football? Whoever wins the coin toss to receive the ball doesn't affect the majority of outcomes in overtime games. Instead of a coin toss, there must be some other method to determine who gets the ball first to decide the winner during extra time.

  • Sudden death is not a good rule in overtime in NFL.

    It is not fair to the team that doesn't win the coin toss because if the other team gets a touchdown the game is over. I like how the field goal rule works, where if you get a field goal the other team still has a chance. I think that if one team gets a touchdown, the other team should still have a chance.

  • It is unfair

    This is completly unfair. If you pick to recieve which always happens, all you have to do is score a TD to win. The other team doesn't even get a shot. I understand if you get a field goal and the team gets a TD or a field goal rule, but it's unfair the game ends if the TD happens. Let's take Superbowl 51 for example. The New England Patriots received the ball first in overtime and went on to score a TD to win the superbowl. Now, tell me that is any bit fair when you have your MVP from that season who threw multiple TDS and yards that night doesn't even get to touch the ball. That's not fair. Both teams should get to have one chance.

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