Sugar industry paid off scientists to skew results. Should lobbyists be kept out of science?

  • Lobbyists shoud keep out of science

    Lobbyists should be kept out of science. There are too many times where they will lobby for industry in opposition to what science clearly demonstrates. Most scientists agree that global warming is going on, but lobbyists have convinced certain politicians it does not exist. In these cases, greater society loses to those with the deep pockets.

  • Yes they should

    If we can have at least one independent branch of science that would be optimum. At this point, we've seen sugar, big tobacco and countless other industries have their lobbyists fund "independent" research all showing that their products "really" aren't as harmful as we know they actually are. Science should be exactly what it is, no skewed results because of lobby funds.

  • Science is corrupted by money from big businesses

    The revelation that the sugar industry paid scientists to skew the results of research is just one example of how big businesses are corrupting the process of scientific research. Whether it is through donations to universities or funding of specific studies, the money from large corporations should not be tied to the research.

  • Truly Independent Research Should be Self-funded

    The only research groups and studies that should be trusted are ones that come up with the money for the research either themselves or through donations from the general public. However, doing so would be extremely difficult. Full disclosure of funding should be included in a section of the studies conclusions so that people are aware of any possible tampering/skewing.

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