Suge Knight shot: Is there too much violence in the hip hop community?

  • Definitely, and many of the followers show it.

    Violence has always been one of the main topics of choice for rap musicians, as well drugs, prostitutes, "life in the ghetto". It's also known that hip-hop followers have a higher tendency to commit crime than, for example, followers of rock music. Look at gangs like Crips and Bloods. And there are hundreds of such gangs around the country. Hip-hop music is the predominant choice of music for many African Americans. Now look at major American cities where African Americans form the majority - Compton, Detroit, Cleveland, Baltimore, etc., all have crime levels WAY above the national average - with some areas so dangerous you might get in trouble just for being there. Those growing up and living in so called "ghettos" form such a violent vibe around them and alienate themselves from the rest of the area with their dreadful attitude towards others. And it's never a question what kind of music those people listen to, the perpetrators of the violence from the ghetto areas often, or even, almost exclusively, are avid hip-hop fans.

  • They set the example.

    The people in the hip hop community are revered by so many young children. They see the violence perpetrated by those in the music community and they copy the same thing. It's so sad to see these young people fall victim to the example that those in the music industry set for them.

  • Yes, there is.

    A lot of the artists have either gotten shot in the past or continue to get shot. It is very sad and they need to figure out their issues in another way. I think some of the feuds go back a long time, long before any of the artists hit it big.

  • There is not much actual violence in the hip-hop community.

    There is not much actual violence in the hip-hop community because these stories of gun and physical violence are not an everyday thing. We hear of other kinds of celebrities, such as movie stars, getting into altercations with paparazzi, or an occasional gun-toting incident as well. It is not exclusive to hip-hop. Hip-hop is much more concerned about money-making and trend-setting.

  • No, there is violence everywhere.

    No, violence does not just happen in the hip hop community. I do not hear about somebody in the hip hop community getting shot everyday. Violence happens everyday in every city all over the world and it is not always connected to hip hop. Violence is something that is not connected to a type of music, it is connected to a person's state of mind. Hip hop has nothing to do with that.

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