• There's something not at all right here.

    Omg someone FINALLY put it into words. Thanks for sharing. I 100% agree and ever since he died I can’t even concentrate on anything else, All I do is watch videos or read news clips or go on reddit and social media trying to find answers.

    There's something not at all right here.

  • There's something not at all right here.

    I don't believe Avicii killed himself. I've been so heavily affected by his death that I've been obsessively scanning news articles. Here is why things aren't adding up:

    (4) His girlfriend Relationship ~9 months long, Planning on kids together, Obviously very involved with lots of plans. It is clear he was very smitten with her little one.

    (5) His dog Avicii spent hours and hours and hours training his dog, Liam. Liam had a literal Instagram page. It was clear Avicii loooooooooved Liam, And I'm talking about the kind of training that show dogs go through. There's some videos on his Instagram, Mainly of Avicii pretending to hold a gun and Liam shadowing his movements. Just one month ago Avicii posted a video of Liam on a hike in Africa, He was constantly talking about how sentimental he felt about how fast Liam is growing. . . He was completely and utterly smitten with this dog.

    BEFORE ANYONE ELSE TELLS ME THAT THIS IS NOT RESPECTFUL. . . SHUT UP. The most respectful thing you can do is to search for truth. The least respectful thing you can do is swallow media news and shut up. If there were truly suspicious circumstances in his death. . . Don't you think he would want justice? His family is very clearly using very open language in their letter. I think it's for a reason.

    There's something not at all right here.

  • There's something not at all right here.

    (1) Oman, The location. He died with vacationing with friends. . . One of the people in the group, However, Is confirmed to be one of his LONGTERM BEST FRIENDS.

    Https://www. Instagram. Com/fricko89/ Here is this friend's Instagram. The last photo showed he location tagged in Oman two days before Avicii's death. If you scroll through his Instagram you can see he was with Avicii throughout his entire rise to fame.

    Many witnesses report Avicii to be in great spirits while on holiday, So much so that he EXTENDED his vacation time there. Now, If you're on vacation with one of your longterm friends. . . Would you commit suicide? Avicii was a very caring person, Evident in his documentary, I seriously doubt he would do that.

    (2) The Aftermath Avicii's brother was initially reported everywhere to be traveling to Oman to SEEK ANSWERS, To INVESTIGATE his brother's death. A few days later, Avicii's entire family followed (sisters and other brother included). Now, Why would Avicii's entire family come to Oman if this case was cut-and-dry? Going further. . . His body was found on ROYAL PROPERTY! The mansion of a relative of the Omani Sultan. It was not found in his "hotel room" as the media tried to portray everywhere. In fact, Avicii had checked out of his hotel room days prior and his brother had been tracking Avicii's movements. It was also found local afternoon time. . . . Hmm. . . . Police were VERY quick to access that no foul play was involved, Way too quick. Two autospies were immediately concluded soon after. . . Within 2-3 days of his passing and the result that no foul play was involved was again broadcasted, Before his full family even arrived at the scene and issued a cause-of-death statement

    (3) His Music Prior to leaving for Oman he had invited Joe Janiak to his LA house and they spent weeks writing new batches of songs. ON THE DAY BEFORE HIS DEPARTURE TO OMAN Avicii told Joe that he'd reach to him when he returned from Oman. . . Before literally turning away to go pack his suitcase since he was leaving the next morning. Previous collaborator Nicki Romero reports that Avicii had sent him folders via WhatsApp of new track ideas about a month or so prior to his death, Wanting to collaborate on some songs. Many reports claim that Avicii was extremely excited about his new music and focusing on creating tracks that had a more organic and authentic feel, Using actual instruments (band member of Incubus most notably discussed this) ON THE FIRST DAY OF HIS TRIP TO OMAN Avicii had a conference call with his management team in which they discussed who he would like to bring in on some tracks (vocals). Over the next few days he continued to email them regarding this. TWO MORE EPS were in the works. Avicii wanted to release a THREE part EP, The first part was released this past summer.

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