Suicide Prevention Dictators, Extremists and so-called "Professionals" are an annoying, Irritating global pandemic of suffering

  • Suicide Prevention is Evil, It is Unethical and Morally Wrong to Force any type of suffering person to live Against their Will

    . . . We can Never Forget that the Vast Majority of Americans and people Worldwide are against Suicide Prevention Extremism, The Vast Majority of Americans and People Worldwide support the Growing Right to Die, Death with Dignity Movement for Any and All suffering people who hate life and hate their lives, This includes people with unbearable Mental illness,
    Most people in America and Worldwide support Choice and are against
    Suicide Prevention

  • Im not sure about all the ins and outs of the assisted suicide argument but

    I believe a fundamental presupposition of the world is that life is good. People have ups and downs (most people are mostly down) but despite that we recognize life as the possibility of better. Love, Meaning, Potential all three are only possible if we decide to continue living.

    As a father I look at this in the context of my children. If one of them wanted to end their life, This comes into direct contradiction with my responsibility to prorect them. My love for them means that I believe their outlook and mental state can be improved. That all possible options will be exhasted before I consider them taking tehir own life as an option. That may be selfish, And thats fine but the issue is the possibility of the state being corrected.

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