Suicide Prevention people are definitely a Cult, A cult of Fascists, Dictators, Suffering Worshipping Clowns

  • HRRRRRNGGH, You need to Realize

    That countless people with Mental illness and other suffering people have suffered unbearably for Decades upon Decades upon Decades, They deserve the Right to a Legal,
    100 percent Free of Charge Doctor Assisted Death, Quick, Peaceful and Painless, With 100 percent Legal Lethal Methods,
    The thing is Not all Mental illness is Treatable, Just as Not all Physical illness is Treatable. Countless suffering people will always Hate Life and want the Peace that only death can bring, Bo matter how much "Help" they get
    Suicide Prevention people are Full of Propaganda, Crap, Lies and False hope that they give suffering people, Of course with the Right to Die Movement there should be a brief waiting period and counseling before a Suffering person has a Legal Death with Dignity, The brief waiting period and counseling is to make sure that the suffering person does Not Request to Die impulsively or on a whim, They can think it through, And inform their family, Friends and loved ones of their decision to have a Legal Death with Dignity, However the Right to Die is for any and all suffering people who hate life and hate their lives and want the Peace that Only death and Heaven can bring.
    Suicide Prevention is so Medieval, Dark Ages Abuse and Torture, Exploitation of Suffering People.

  • Suicide Prevention people are indeed a Sick Cult

    Suicide Prevention people and so called "professionals" are indeed a Sick Obsessive
    Cult, They are parasitic life worshipping, Suffering Worshipping idiots, Who are guilty of Rigid black and white thinking who are like Creepy Stalkers who never know when to Quit, Never know when to Quit with their Stalking, Harassment, Persecution & Oppression of Suffering Mentally ill and other Suffering people who want to die
    The picture above is of the late
    Adam Maier-Clayton, A Canadian man with Mental illness who killed himself in 2017 at the age of 27, Adam Maier-Clayton boldly publicly spoke up for the Legal Right to Die, Doctor Assisted Suicide for people with Chronic Unbearable Mental illness, RIP Adam
    Suicide Prevention people and so called professionals are complete Liars and Losers, The sad ugly truth is for many Suffering People things Never get better, Just worse and worse, Often in life Unbearable problems are sadly Chronic lifelong and permanent
    Even if things do eventually get better for some people, Great, Still the Fact remains things could always get worse again in the Future, Things always sadly go wrong in life, Life has it's ups and downs, Twists and turns
    Suicide Prevention is evil Torture and Abuse of Suffering People, Modern Day Slavery and Bondage

  • They have helped many people

    Look, Where's your proof? These people are always doing their best to make people feel better. In fact, They've helped me. So before you go calling these suicide prevention workers "parasitic life worshipping, Suffering Worshipping idiots" think about the millions of people whose lives they've saved. They always do their best to deter people from committing suicide. They're why I'm here.

    Also, Life of course has it's ups and downs. But I ask you, How the hell is suicide prevention, The stopping of people committing suicide "Torture and Abuse of Suffering People, Modern Day Slavery and Bondage"?

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